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“Patrick Stroh is 100% correct in his assertion that ‘Innovation is hard work and perseverance – it’s not for the faint of heart.’ His blueprint for Advancing Innovation is invaluable for those who have the heart and soul for taking risks and raising innovation value.” – Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
 “Simply competing just won’t cut it anymore. This book gives us the guidance to move to that next level with confidence- innovation. Not easy, but it’s essential to success in our faster than ever paced world. Thanks to Patrick and one of our COSO sponsoring organizations, the IMA, for getting the dialogue going and giving us some practical examples on how to get started on the innovation journey. This book is just chock full of ideas and tools to help you drive innovation in your organization. Read it and identify your three gold nuggets as foundational elements of your innovation strategy.” – Robert B. Hirth, Jr., Chairman, Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO). If you are a student and want to work through a lot of books with professional advice from thought leaders, but you are loaded with a lot of college assignments, then you need to take the help of a cheap ghostwriters for hire from the, they will help you cope with any work, regardless of the level of difficulty. With the development of digital technologies, young people have many opportunities for self-improvement, it is only a matter of desire and effective distribution of limited resources.
“在保持企业的可持续发展和引领创新方面,CFO如何更好地发挥洞察力和远见力,并在组织中创造价值形成持续的影响力? Patrick Stroh先生的Advancing Innovation一书会告诉你答案!” “In the aspect of maintaining sustainable development and leading innovation, how could CFO better demonstrate the insight and foresight, and to create value and exert sustained influence in an organization? Mr. Patrick Stroh’s book of Advancing Innovation will tell you the answer!” – Ms Lixia TAN, 谭丽霞, Senior VP and CFO of Haier Group
“This book in many ways is the first of its kind, dare I say “innovative”, in that it goes way beyond the abstract to the practical, from the desire to innovate to the capability to innovate for sustainable competitive advantage and growth. The emphasis of this book is unique, focusing on innovation enablement, governance, measurement and the role of the CFO team. Most organizations face the triple crown threat of competition, consolidation and commoditization, and Advancing Innovation provides real-world implementation advice from someone who has actually done it with success.” – Jeffrey C. Thomson, CMA, CAE, President and CEO, Institute of Management Accountants
“Innovation needs to be at the core of every operational CFO in industry today. With the IVS, Patrick has unleashed a way for financial leaders to measure and govern our effectiveness at innovation. This is a must read for every CFO looking to take their company to the next level!” -BENJAMIN MULLING, CMA, CPA.CITP, CFO, TENTE Casters, Inc.
“Patrick Stroh’s Innovation Value Score adds an important and powerful new dimension to the domain of innovation, one of the hottest topics in both the private and public sectors for many years. What has been lacking in the dialogue is a rigorous framework for measuring innovation – and without measurement, how do managers know if they are succeeding? Stroh’s fresh thinking gives managers the framework and tools they need to evaluate the success of their innovation strategies.” – John McClellan, Managing Director, Thought Leadership, Palladium

“Advancing Innovation” does a fantastic job of wrapping a strategic lens around innovation and linking it to solid governance. {It} plants the seeds to help decision makers get a grip on how innovation takes shape, feeds into strategy, and ultimately, value creation. – Sandra B. Richtermeyer, PhD, CMA, CPA Associate Dean, Williams College of Business at Xavier University

As someone actively working with business leaders to define and solve their business problems for the past 35 years, what I like most about Patrick Stroh’s book, Advancing Innovation, is its focus on linking innovation to value creation. This is not just a book of traditional activities of ideation, brainstorming or prototyping. This is a book for practitioners. For those who have to make things happen. For those businesses  searching for a proven process that leads to real business value. I highly recommend you dig in and use the templates and methodologies to reap the real rewards of innovation. – John R Childress, Senior advisor on corporate culture and strategy execution and Visiting Professor, IE Business School, Madrid
“Innovation can be complicated, messy, and hard to define. This book gives you what you need to make innovation happen and to engage the human beings who do the Innovation work” – John Sweeney, Owner of the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater and Author of the bestselling “The Innovative Mindset”
“Thank you, Patrick, for writing such a clear and concise roadmap for how corporate finance can add tremendous value in a non-traditional way – through innovation. Yes, finance can and should play in that arena, and this book provides important insights and a simple framework for approaching this goal. It’s a quick and compelling read on a subject that grows more important by the day.” – John Kogan, President & CEO, Proformative, Inc.
“Advancing Innovation is an exceptional book. Through a holistic perspective it combines innovation and management techniques in a unique way. This combination is of particularly worth, as it gives innovators the freedom to enfold their ideas while at the same time giving management the tools to control creativity. I liked the combination of helpful practices with the very concrete innovation value scorecard and its clear KPI proposals.” – Professor. Dr. Klaus Moeller, Director Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing and Chair of Controlling / Performance Management at University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
“In an increasingly rapid changing global economy firms need to innovate more than ever to survive and thrive. However, many firms fail to innovate since they do not know how to measure or manage it. Patrick Stroh’s book on Advancing Innovation offers practical guidelines to help firms organize, strategize and measure innovation. “ Kevin Linderman -Curtis L. Carlson Professor of Supply Chain and Operations, University of Minnesota

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